Photography Tips: Searching for a new camera?

1/06/2010 Anelieze Castrejon 0 Comments

I hope you had a wonderful new year!

One of my goals in the near future--maybe this year, maybe next--is to invest in a nice camera.
I want to be able to take frame-worthy picutres of my {future} kids without always having to pay someone to do it for me.
And I just love to take pictures.
I visited for the first time a year before last and was impressed by his, Jimmy Bishop's, beautiful photography. It's stunning!
I was happy to read one of his blog posts called:
and to find out that I don't have to shell out thousands of dollars for an SLR unless I want to dedicate myself to the photography industry.
No, it will be more of a hobby for me.
So read what he has to say over on his blog.
Jimmy… what camera should I buy!?… I get asked this question a lot. Every family member asks it. People email me with this question weekly. So in this season of giving and buying more then we need or can sometimes afford, I figured I would just do a quick post on my opinions of cameras, to help everyone out there to better find a camera that suits their needs and their pocket book. Bigger, for the vast majority of people, is not always better!

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