Provo Family Photography: First Photoshoot of 2016 at the Provo City Library!

2/15/2016 anelieze castrejon 0 Comments

This is my cousin Kevin's family from Arizona. After Christmas last year we all went to Utah to attend my cousin's wedding, Kevin's sister. While in Utah, they asked me to take their family pictures and I said of course! The only problem, it was 20 degrees outside! Brrr. Thankfully, Emily, my cousin (in law), searched around and found the Provo City Library! It has these beautiful tall windows that let in beautiful light, so we chased the light and produced these pictures!

There are basically two areas in the library, part of the older library with more traditional and antique wood, and the newer part, with more modern, streamlined construction and lines. It was a challenge because there were at least three other families getting their photos done at that time, ha, so we were constantly moving around each other, but it all worked out. Julia, their little girl, is absolutely darling. Can you get enough of her eyes? They were just begging me to take a closeup of them, so amazing.

Family Photography | Provo City Library | January 2016

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