Easter Bunny Peeps Free Printable Download by Anelieze

3/25/2010 Anelieze Castrejon 1 Comments

Inspired by this bunny bunting tutorial on MADE, I thought I'd provide you with printable bunny peeps, in case you ran out of time to sew all those cute felt bunnies!
Each PDF file comes with 6 bunny peeps,
so print out as many as you'd like {on cardstock, preferably},
then glue, tape, staple, pin, etcetera the bunnies to some ribbon
and hang them up for everyone to see!

Just do it quick, or they'll hop away!

*not for commercial use, please. i don't own the rights to peeps and neither do you! =}

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  1. cute!!! I didn't know you had another blog! can I follow you??


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