Origami-lined envelope tutorial

9/17/2010 Anelieze Castrejon 1 Comments

Do you have some extra origami paper lying around? I did! If you don't, any patterned paper will do. I like the bright, geometric patterns on this particular packet of origami so pick some up next time you're at a craft store.
What you'll need:
  • one sheet of origami paper per envelope you'd like to line--I used these from Michael's
  • {preferably} blank envelope smaller in width & height than the origami paper--I used envelopes that were approx. 5.25" x 4.25" from Target
  • gluestick
  • pencil
  • scissors
  • Step 1: Trace
On the unpatterned side of the paper, line up the opened envelope so that it fits on the paper. Trace just the outline of the triangular flap with a pencil.
  • Step 2: Cut + Measure
Cut along the outline so that it leaves you with a house-shaped cutout. Leaving about 1/4" of the outer edge of the envelope flap free {where the glue you lick to close the envelope is}, line the edge of the patterned paper just below. You'll need to trim the two parallel edges so the paper will fit nicely inside the envelope.
  • Step 3: Glue + Insert
Here you can do one of two things: 
1. Run the glue on the patterned paper and then carefully insert it into the envelope,
2. Insert the paper into the envelope first, then fold down the patterned paper and run the glue over just the triangular flap, so you won't have the possibility of wrinkling the paper as much. I like this way better, but do whatever works best for you!

As I said before, you can use any patterned paper you may have lying around. I made this stationery set using a U.S. map I bought at a used bookstore for 10¢! Use your imagination! Upcycle bits of wrapping paper, junk mail, or newspapers. Then package them with matching blank note cards and gift them as stationery sets. 

I'm keeping these, though. =}

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  1. Love the idea, I sure have some origami paper lying around. Thanks for sharing! I'd love to share this with my readers if it's ok with you.


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