Throwback to my First Family Photoshoot! (From 2010)

9/08/2015 anelieze castrejon 0 Comments

Throwback to my very first family photoshoot in 2010! I remember feeling nervous when Jen asked me if I had ever considered doing a family photoshoot. I agreed to do it and I'm glad I did! I mean, look at these incredibly photogenic subjects; photographing them was so easy. They were all so patient with me--the shoot lasted two hours (with two kids!) at the Camarillo Ranch House one afternoon. The post-photoshoot work took a longer time than I had anticipated--I was apparently obsessed with creative cropping, blurry backgrounds, and some artsy filters back then! =} But thankfully we got to capture some lovely moments, and though if I could go back in time I would have used the flash more strategically, or sharpened the images a little more, I will always be grateful for them and their willingness to give me a chance! Thank you Johnson family!

Camarillo Ranch House | © Anelieze Castrejon 2010

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