I really have no excuse

7/09/2009 Anelieze Castrejon 2 Comments

I've always wanted to learn French. I mean, really learn French. After getting married, I realized that my dream of living amongst les persons francais for a year or two would probably not come true, with which I was surprisingly okay. But I gave up on my dream of speaking Francais fluently, which I realize now wasn't very smart.
I don't have any excuse to not learn French! Or any language or skill I want to acquire! I work, yes, but so do millions of other people. I don't have any kids yet, and some afternoons and nights I am positively BOOOOORED. So, there's my cue. I will learn French if it kills me! {Wow, is it just me, or did I sound quite dramatic right there? Well, good, I need it.}
I found a French Blog, too, which is what started this whole shpeal. {spelling?}

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  1. tres bien! je pense que c'est une idee magnifique!


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