I love this: Spell Book Printable

10/25/2010 Anelieze Castrejon 0 Comments

Sadly, I haven't pulled out my Halloween decorations yet. They're in a big plastic bin at the bottom of our storage/laundry closet and I've just been too lazy to take the time and lug it out. I keep saying, "I'll do it tomorrow after dinner" or "I'll wake up a little earlier tomorrow and do it," and I never do. 

But then I saw this spell book printable on Ucreate today and it sparked my excitement to finally decorate tonight after work. I'm definitely using this as part of the decor! I think it would look great on my coffee table with some "potion" bottles and dead flowers, maybe a rat or two. I'm thinking Harry Potter 2 will be a good fit for it.

Happy spell-casting!

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